With Chinese New Year approaching make 2019 the year to embrace the benefits of Chinese Medicine

January 2019: On the 5 February, over 1.4 billion people will be celebrating Chinese New Year, welcoming in the Year of ‘The Pig’. Otherwise known as ‘The Spring Festival’, Chinese New Year gives us in the West a moment to reflect and learn the simple principles of yang sheng, a little known aspect of Chinese Medicine encapsulated by Hayo’u Method.

Don’t drop out of your fitness regime before you’ve even got started – book a MY:METHOD class and you won’t need to leave your home

January 2019: If you haven’t started your New Year fitness regime, don’t despair. Statistics show that many people will have given up before the end of January.  If you’re unsure what to do or lacking motivation, make it easy and book a workout session with MY:METHOD. These specialists in on-demand Pilates and yoga classes will come to your office or your home.

Four Seasons Explorer Announces 2019 Manta Trust Expeditions In The Maldives

January 2019: The graceful ballerinas of the ocean, highly curious manta rays have the largest brain of all the world’s fish. Under threat, they still have much to teach us.  Do you want to immerse yourself in their elusive world to discover more?

 One Healthy New Year’s Resolution You Won’t Want to Break

December 2018: After the Christmas indulgence, you are probably starting to think about your new year’s resolutions. If you want something easy to use, unbreakable* and guaranteed to restore balance and make you glow, then choose one of the Hayo’u Method’s highly effective self-treatment tools.

New Year, New You: 8 Transformational Retreats To Achieve Your Wellness Goals in 2019

December 2018: Compare Retreats founder Dervla Louli Musgrave has handpicked her top transformative retreats to kick start a healthy 2019. Ranging from short haul to long haul destinations, all the retreats aim to get you fighting fit with their results driven programmes. 

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