Experience The ‘Big Five’ in Lech

August 2019: This autumn, there’s a very different ‘Big Five’ to discover – in the alpine village of Lech. Switch the savannah for the mountains in search of ultimate thrills, on the new Big Five programme at Hotel Arlberg.

Retreat in the City

July 2019: Compare Retreats share their top picks for urban havens offering pockets of peace in the urban jungle

International Business Leader and Founder of OCTAVE Institute Fred Tsao to Keynote at Global Wellness Summit

July 2019: International Business Leader and Founder of OCTAVE Institute Fred Tsao to Keynote at Global Wellness Summit. Tsao to detail how, in a new era focused on wellbeing, businesses must embrace this paradigm shift and adopt the idea of Quantum Leadership

Image courtesy of Mahali Mzuri

5 Luxury Safari Spa Retreats For A Walk On The Wild Side

July 2019: The de-stressing effect of nature has come in full-force in 2019, with the NHS adding forest bathing to its prescriptions while in Japan Shinrin-yoku has been promoted as part of a longer, healthier, happier life since the 80s. But did you know spending time with animals has similar relaxing and depression-reducing benefits? With the release this week of Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King, we’ve been getting a little nostalgic about our favourite furball and his musical friends. If you’ve been inspired to take a walk on the wild side of the savannas, then check out Compare Retreat’s pick of these safari spa retreats in Africa for a wellness experience fit for a lion king.

Hayo’u Method’s Beauty Restorer Comb that works all over your body

July 2019: This powerful lifetime tool can banish cellulite and help you lose weight. THE RESULTS: great skin, reduced cellulite, lower stress levels, healthier hair and improved sleep If you like to keep things simple and are looking for only one self-care tool to have in your beauty bag, then look no further than the “Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Comb

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