Transformational Spa Programmes Announced by Euphoria Retreat - Opening in Greece - July 2018

Euphoria Retreat has announced it will open in July 2018 and will be introducing a comprehensive selection of goal-specific programmes and signature retreats up to 14-days in length.
Located close to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mystras in the Peloponnese, Greece, the new destination spa blends a range of philosophies and medicines, to enable emotional and physical transformation. Their core concept draws inspiration from a number of sources: Ancient Greek philosophers, Hippocratic medicine, Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine.
Staying true to the healing traditions of Ancient Greece, Euphoria Retreat’s philosophy is centred around achieving balance in body, mind and soul. Most wellbeing programmes will focus on the five constitutional elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal, and their related energies and emotions.  Through personalised treatments, transformation consultation, physical exercise, diet and mental coaching, guests can expect a completely cleansing experience. The healing and rebalancing journey is supported throughout Euphoria Retreat, with the spa facilities, restaurant and luxury accommodation designed to fully complement the therapies. 
A variety of individually designed programmes includes Signature Retreats, mini retreats, wellness consultations and mental coaching, as well as a wide range of massage therapies, signature bodywork experiences, holistic healing practices, pampering face and body treatments, wellness coaching, and body and movement fitness activities that focus on bringing balance and harmony.
Programmes (2-14 days)
Personalised healing programmes take a holistic approach to addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs to attain inner happiness and balance. These are goal focused (detox, weight loss, rejuvenation etc) and tailored to individual needs, with support and guidance from Visiting Masters and wellness mentors. The programmes can last between 2-14 days, although but a minimum of a week is recommended the for achieving the best results.

Signature Retreats (7 days)
Held on specific dates through the month, Signature Retreats offer a multi-disciplinary path to achieving mental, emotional and physical transformation. Personally designed according to the needs of each guest, they incorporate the energy of the five elements of Ancient Chinese and Hellenic medicine, providing a truly holistic healing experience. They’re led by a team of experts (doctors, healing experts, philosophers, energy therapists etc) offering all the support needed to set ambitious but achievable goals.

In addition, a wide selection of treatments will be available to all guests, at any time. These include a range of massages, body treatments, facials, energy healing and therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture. Individual fitness training will include Personal Training, Private Forest Meditation and Mind Detox sessions. Mini Signature Retreats on specific dates will also be announced at a later date.
Example Signature Retreat: Euphoria Emotional & Physical Transformation
This intensive, signature seven-day retreat is designed to achieve a truly transformational experience, aiming to improve your overall state of emotional wellbeing and bring harmony to your life. By addressing all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual – it assists with self-reflection and contemplation and enhances self-awareness.
On a daily basis, you will explore your relationship to each element (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), with physical energy treatments as well as in intimate group sessions. The aim is to discover one’s main element and what is needed to attain complete balance. The sixth day is dedicated to the individual’s key element, with tailored advice and treatments focused on rebalancing their constitution. The programme includes nutritional assessment through the innovative technology pattern 3 GL*. Retreat costs from €2,768 and includes 24 treatments (full details are available here). Accommodation is additional (and will vary on room and board type).

Two-night programmes start from €390 per person on the Euphoria Relax and Indulge Programme, which includes five treatments. All prices include complimentary herbal drinks, fresh and dry snacks as well as full use of fitness and spa facilities, and access to daily scheduled wellness activities and workshops, lectures, cooking classes, meditation, fitness classes, yoga, TRX, Chi Gong and Pilates. Accommodation is additional (and will vary on room and board type). A full list of the spa programmes available at Euphoria Retreat can be found at