Sound: a harmonious salve for the soul

Soul Medicine puts a fresh spin on sound therapy. Originally launched this May by enigmatic Founder Denise Leicester, it is a collection of heartfelt tracks based on 432 Hz tuning that has been clinically proven to decrease stress levels, boost resilience and restore biological, physical and mental vitality. Leicester created Soul Medicine in collaboration with Composer Tom Simenauer to promote wellbeing and cellular balance through listening.

Sound is a primal sense and has the innate ability to relax, revive, soothe, inform and transport us. So, what exactly is 432 Hz tuning and how can it help restore inner calm? Doctors Cori Carter and Lesley Parkinson are strong advocates of the Soul Medicine philosophy and have demonstrated the clinical benefits of listening to its selection of 432 Hz music.

Soul Medicine launches with four tracks; each has a clear explanation of their intended benefits. Easy to download, listeners simply match their needs to the appropriate vibrational remedy and combine this with a guided chakra healing meditation.

Denise Leicester has been using her voice and music as integral aspects of her award-winning treatments for over a decade. Her wellness star is currently very much in the ascendant and when she is not practicing this directional treatment which she affectionately dubs ‘heartfeltness’- (the new mindfulness), she is also busy running her ‘beyond organic’ spa brand, Ila.

Want to meet her?
Soulful Sundays is a new calendar of healing concerts where you can experience the power of healing vibrational music first hand. The kick off event is on July 22 with special guest Chloe Goodchild in attendance with founder Denise Leicester. Held at Fitzrovia Chapel, 2 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF from 19:00 – 21:30, tickets range in price from £28- £35.

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Why choose 432 Resonance?

This frequency has been recognized in leading industry circles as the frequency of harmony, and in essence, the fundamental heartbeat of the planet. Every object, being and living thing consists of a vibration. To operate at full capacity and balance physically and emotionally the vibration levels need to be in the parameters of an optimum range. This range is known as resonance. Every organ and cell in our body emits vibration, and when we are in resonance we are happy, balanced and well.

432 resonance is widely recognized as the ultimate state of equilibrium. Playing 432 Hz music balances both hemispheres of the brain, helps release emotional blockages and restores the ultimate harmonious resonance range critical to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Positive biological effects after listening to Soul Medicine music include:

  • An active immune response under live blood analysis showing increased white blood cell activity. This enables cells to fight pathogens which indicates a positive response to stress.
  • Improved red blood cell circulation, enabling superior oxygenation.
  • Improved functioning of specific organs including a 33% reduction in cellular stress of the liver and gall bladder.
  • Improved ability to adapt to stress; measured using changes in heart rate detected by Max Pulse testing- which measures autonomic responses.
  • A positive effect on the brain and central nervous system promoting relaxation, changing stress patterns, enhancing sleep, regulating immunity and improving focus.