Reconnect mind, body and soul with new yoga, meditation and spiritual programmes at Four Seasons Resorts Bali

Bali is quickly gaining popularity as the epicentre for yoga, meditation, food, culture, and craftsmanship.

For the Balinese, the natural world is infused with spiritual energy and their whole culture is enriched with rituals and ceremonies that honor it and the Four Seasons Resorts Bali are no exception.

Following the launch of new wellness experiences at Jimbaran Bay and Sayan, Four Seasons Bali invites guests and non-resort residents to break down their negative energies and unite body, mind and breath with a comprehensive yoga, meditation and visiting masters-in-residence programme.

The Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is the ritualistic heart of the Resort, exploring healing potential from the unseen (Niskala) to the seen (Sekala).

Meditation and Life Talks are offered by resident wellness mentor and former Buddhist nun Ibu Fera.  Her peaceful presence and mindfulness teachings are a welcome and integral addition to the Spa’s nurturing environment and deep inner focus. “Meditation and mindfulness are realistic ways of addressing all sorts of stresses,” Fera explains. “It’s a free, easily and accessible method that goes straight to the root of the problem.” It echoes the Spa’s Balinese healing philosophy: evoking a sense of spiritual connection powerful enough to affect physical change. A former Buddhist nun who studied the Dharma in monasteries across Asia, Fera leads complimentary meditation classes twice daily and hosts a series of Life Talks and Sacred Nap experience at the Resort each week.

The Sacred Nap is a game changing experience – The afternoon ‘air nap’ is suspended from the ceiling of the bamboo Dharma Shanti Bale in a 100% pure silk hammock, where one is literally cocooned in the tranquility of the Sayan Valley. The body is able to relax and is rocked gently to sleep in the cocoon far away from any disturbances while listening to the sounds of nature and the life story of Buddha as told by Ibu Fera. It is a deeply soothing, nurturing and a not-to-be-missed relaxation technique that will leave people feeling refreshed and recharged.

Resident yoga masters such as Lilik Suwardani are also on hand to offer dynamic classes at Dharma Shanti Bale including AntiGravity, Laughter and Restorative Hot Stone Yoga, and exclusive once-a-month Full Moon Yoga on the river’s edge.

At Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, deep connections to Bali’s spiritual and physical wellness rituals are offered at The Healing Village Spa, with innovative spa treatments and expert therapists who combine local wisdom with international training.

Resident Balinese Spiritual healer Ibu Jero, a high priestess and fourth generation healer has a personal calling to bridge the spiritually aware East with the physically advanced West. By placing her hands on and around the body, Ibu helps clients release the energy attached to any issue or trauma, leaving them feeling lighter, more whole, and further receptive to positive change.

There are also sessions with awareness reader, Mary Muryn. During a psychic awareness reading, she tunes into the surrounding energy, ensuring each session is unique, with experiences that range from deep peace to clarity on personal issues; connections with those who have passed away to inspiration for the present.  Mary’s early years were steeped in metaphysical practices of shamans and healers – paving the way for her now 25-year career in the holistic healing arena. An internationally published author, Bali-resident, alternative healer and gifted medium, Mary has worked everywhere from Japan to Taiwan, Brazil to Bali, sharing her belief that we all have the power to heal ourselves.

In addition, Dynamic yoga programmes take place on the stunning ocean-front setting and includes AntiGravity, Night Fire, Yin, Restorative Hot Stone and Balinese Sekala Yoga.