Original FX Mayr Launches NEW Healthy Ageing Programme

New results published by the NHS shows that millions of British people are risking heart attacks and strokes because their unhealthy lifestyles are causing their hearts to age prematurely.   Since its launch three years ago, 1.9million people have taken the heart age test, with four out of five people (78%) recording a heart age higher than their actual age.

Having a high heart age is a marker that someone is at increased risk of dementia, heart attacks, strokes, chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

The NEW Mayr Healthy Ageing programme aims to help improve the quality of your life and lay the foundations for a longer and healthier life,  This package can be booked as an add-on to the Mayr Basic or Mayr Classic programme.

Chronic illnesses in old age are, for the most part, self-inflicted
Increasingly, the ageing process brings with it chronic illnesses that, to a great extent, are self-inflicted. High cholesterol, adult-onset diabetes and dementia are just the tip of the iceberg. As many as 60 to 70 per cent of these are attributable to the individual’s lifestyle: too much stress, insufficient exercise, smoking and excessive, mindless eating or junk food are among the main culprits.
Longer and – most importantly – better
The good news: Each one of us can take preventive measures to ensure we age better. Research shows that 15 years can be added to the average life span by adopting a healthy lifestyle.* With this in mind, there is no time like the present to start living this way of life.
Mayr Healthy Aging: ageing healthy
Taking these recent findings as a starting point, our team of experts and therapists developed the Mayr Healthy Ageing programme. And for good reason. The philosophy of the FX Mayr cure, which focuses on intestinal health, strengthening the immune system, nutrition and exercise are also important cornerstones for ageing well. Both disciplines overlap and complement one another.

This is why the Mayr Healthy Ageing programme includes an array of medical tests, one-on-one consultations and guidelines that help you to improve your quality of life in a sustainable way.

The Programme is designed as an add-on to the Mayr basic programme, costs €860 and includes:

  • 1x Applied kinesiology test
  • 1x Lifestyle coaching
  • 1x Nutritional consultation
  • 1x Individual exercise therapy
  • 1x Mitochondrial power infusion
  • 1x Bodyregeneration CO2
    The Mayr Basic one-week programme costs €1,500, excluding accommodation; single rooms cost from €220 per night. Flights are not included. Visit  www.original-mayr.com.