Original FX Mayr Launches NEW Body Balance Month

June marks the launch of “Body Balance” month at Original FX Mayr, an additional programme combining yoga, meditation and a training plan to complement the basic cure. 

During the special programme guests will be able to practice therapeutic and outdoor yoga as well as meditation, participate in a weekly cookery workshop and receive a personalised training plan and yoga DVD to continue the good work when they return home.

One of the by-products of detoxing the body is that the unwanted toxins begin to move out of the whole system – even the deeper tissue. This can sometimes result in achy limbs and joints as the toxins move along the bodily structures. Therefore it is extremely beneficial to include regular exercise, such as yoga to assist with this process.  Whilst the different yoga classes will bring balance and invigorate the body, the meditation classes will help to strengthen the mind during regeneration. During Body Balance month, Original FX Mayr’s personal trainers will also create a personalised training plan that is tailored to each guests’ personal needs for them to take away with them post-treatment period.

The Original Mayr food philosophy is one of the most important key elements to support guests in their first steps towards a healthier quality of life. Every day, healthy, delicious meals will be served to provide with all the essential nutrients and minerals to support the cure.  To ensure sustainability, our head chef is on hand to teach the basics of the Mayr cure philosophy in a weekly cookery workshop.  Chef Andreas will also share some of his collection of Mayr recipes that can easily be worked into an every day routine.

The Body Balance programme is an addition to the Basic Cure and costs €640 and includes:

3 x Therapeutic Yoga (50 minutes)
1 x Outdoor Yoga on the lake-side jetty (50 minutes)
1 x Meditation (50 minutes)
Training plan including yoga instruction to continue at home
Participation in one of the weekly cookery workshops
The Mayr Basic one-week programme costs €1,250, excluding accommodation; single rooms cost from €195 per night. Flights are not included. Visit www.original-mayr.com