New health drink launches - Cleansing, mood enhancing and energising Wild Fizz Kombucha

March 2017: A new health drink is set to take the UK by storm this spring. Wild Fizz Kombucha is a raw sparking tea, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and packed full of gut friendly live cultures, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Made using only the finest Japanese sencha tea, organic cane sugar, herbs and raw pressed pressed juices, Wild Fizz Kombucha is unpasteurised and without preservatives to ensure it remains as natural as possible.

With less than 15 calories per 100 ml, drinking just a little of the low sugar drink each day can have significant health benefits, from lowered cholesterol to increased energy. The brand has strong eco credentials, using completely recyclable materials, so it’s good for the planet too.

Founded by Gina Geoghegan and Luke Montgomery-Smith, Wild Fizz Kombucha is hand brewed, bottled and boxed in their north London brewery.  

Three Fabulous Flavours
Wild Fizz Kombucha is available in three delicious flavours, each with distinct health benefits:

asmine Dreams – Cleansing and uplifting
Naturally high in antioxidants, jasmine tea helps to reduce cholesterol, as well as being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This bottle is bursting with fresh, clean and pure flavours.

Lavender Fields – Mood enhancing and detoxifying
This refreshing drink is made with rosemary – which has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties – and lavender, which is good for digestion, improved sleep and reducing stress. Both herbs are great mood boosters, while the raw pressed lemon, beetroot and apple juices add in a healthy dose of vitamin C to help with detoxifying.

Gingers Rule – Energising and pain relieving
Combining ginger and turmeric with black pepper, makes for an tasty anti-inflammatory drink which can reduce joint pain. Full of antioxidants, ginger helps lower cholesterol, relieve pain and indigestion as well as being a strong antibacterial agent and great energy booster.

Behind the Fizz
Founder Gina explains how the creation of Wild Fizz came as a result of her own health issues, having struggled with IBS for years.

“On a trip to America I began drinking Kombucha daily. I realised that this fizzy, cultured drink was making me feel better and more energised. Our aim is to put kombucha on the health drink map here in the UK. For me, organic produce is key. It’s also important that the ingredients do good, so we process our herbs, fruits and botanicals minimally to create maximum health benefits, allowing Mother Nature to do her thing. We also keep our sugar levels to the minimum. We don’t need it, our flavours do the talking.”

Her partner Luke adds “Our vision for Wild Fizz Kombucha is to change people’s relationship with food and drink, and to be part of a genuine health revolution. We’re committed to making all of our kombucha in the traditional small batch style, using only organic, ethically sourced ingredients, with as little environmental impact as possible.”

Priced at £3.50 per 300ml bottle, Wild Fizz Kombucha is available through UK stockists including Wholefoods and Sourced Market. For more information visit and follow on Instagram (WILDFIZZKOMBUCHA) and Twitter (@WILDFIZZBOOCH)