It’s​ ​time​ ​to​ ​cross​ ​The​ ​Bridge​ - Discover​ ​healing​ ​retreats with​ ​Donna​ ​Lancaster

“A launchpad for life and the best gift you can give yourself.”

We are delighted to introduce The Bridge, a five day personal development experience, often described as an emotional bootcamp, that offers life transformation through deep healing.


Over the summer we have heard a lot about grief and loss, particularly from Princes William and Harry on the death of their mother, and how bottling up such emotions can negatively impact one’s mental health.  This topic can be felt more widely, as we all strive to fit into a world which is more about taking than giving and so often feels inauthentic. Many individuals have been wounded by their ‘community,’ whether that be family, school or the workplace. The Bridge centres its retreats around love and kindness, allowing guests to find better self-awareness so they can release painful emotions from the body.

Founder Donna Lancaster says, “The Bridge is suitable for everyone as it focuses on loss as part of the human condition – something we have all experienced at some point in our lives. In my 25 years of working with individuals, families and groups, I am shocked at how many people are diagnosed and medicated as ‘depressed,’ who are actually suffering from blocked emotions. ‘Perfectly imperfect’ is the mantra that I teach and live by.”


Based at 42 Acres in Somerset, The Bridge is different to other therapies through its combination of highly effective therapeutic techniques alongside ancient African ritual practices. The retreats unfold in three phases – the Past, the Present and the Future – and the programme helps remove the masks and defences built up over time to allow people to get back to who they really are. Within a group environment, participants are guided through a beautifully choreographed series of experiences, without any of the usual daily distractions, using a powerful mixture of silence, catharsis, meditation, visualisation, witnessing, ritual, expressive breath and bodywork, movement, dance, touch and the healing power of love. There is plenty of individual focus too.

The Bridge is not a quick fix but provides a model to take into daily life. After five days, participants leave with the tools to continue their healing and become happier in themselves. As Donna stresses, “Healing to me is not only about recovering from pain, be it physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual, but also to be able to extract the wisdom and gifts from within the pain.”


Retreats run on selected weeks throughout the year at 42 Acres in Somerset. The next retreat is from 23-28 October, with upcoming retreats planned for December and January 2018.

The five night retreat costs from £2,500 (incl. VAT) for accommodation sharing in a twin room. All prices include tuition, pre and post retreat support, full board and refreshments.  

There are also workshops and talks taking place in North London on various dates to introduce people to the retreats and hear from those who have successfully crossed The Bridge.

For general information, please visit and for background information on Donna Lancaster, read here.

Watch THE BRIDGE DRONE FILM or a selection of films here for an introduction to this exceptional healing experience.