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Fast Facts:
- Hayo’u brings the self-treatment aspect of Chinese Medicine to the West
- Highly effective solution to tackle stress
- Simple daily rituals and practical techniques
- 6 luxurious products for face and body
- Created by CM Practitioner, Katie Brindle
What is Hayo’u?
Distilled from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, the Hayo’u Method combines easy techniques and luxurious products to transform your health and beauty.

Why was Hayo’u created?
Inspired by the remarkable and largely underestimated benefits of Chinese self-care, Hayo’u was created to empower people by teaching them to master their own health, by Chinese Practitioner, Katie Brindle.

Over the past decade as a consultant, Katie noticed that patients who adopted her self-care techniques would repeatedly improve much faster than those who didn’t. By structuring this knowledge into a simple explanation and daily practice for everyone to benefit from, the Hayo’u Method was born.

The method starts with stress because stress is the underlying cause of most of the ailments she was diagnosing and treating.

“My first goal with Hayo’u is to distil Chinese medicine and evangelise about its absolute brilliance and relevance. Our method is all about offering one-minute solutions, clearly explained, that are a pleasure to do, but nonetheless incredibly powerful. Very quickly people understand that this is as easy and effective as brushing your teeth.”

Katie is a strong advocate of Western and Chinese Medicine working symbiotically for optimum health. However, few people in the West appreciate this focus on self-treatment which is wonderfully accessible to anyone, no matter their state of health. More widely, Chinese medicine is still often misunderstood, mistrusted and un-contextualised, which Hayo’u has set out to change.

Katie developed the products in order to support the principle of self-treatment. “By making the rituals around any routine such as bathing or showering enjoyable, we are more likely to stick to it. For example, breathing techniques are already simple to do, but combine them with water and minerals and you immediately get a deeper benefit.”

Sourcing the products to the highest quality standards has been central to Katie’s philosophy. The products are manufactured by an ethical local business in the UK. The Gha Sha tools are produced in a specific region of China, renowned for the highest quality jade, after months of due diligence finding just the right factory.

Why stress reduction is the focus of Hayo’u
Chinese Medicine tackles the root of problem as well as the symptoms. Stress is cited to cause almost all our modern day illnesses – and this is why Hayo’u prioritises stress. Stress is at the root of so many conditions including pain, anxiety and depression, poor skin, low fertility, digestion and many sleep issues. Longer term, prolonged stress contributes to myriad illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and auto immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Ultimately, no matter how good any health practitioner is, you are the only person in charge of you 24 hours a day. Owning that responsibility is key to preventing illness. What we eat, how we exercise, how we sleep – all play a central role. But effectively tackling stress as it hits our system is completely missing in our busy lives – and quintessential to good health, vitality and beauty.

Simple Daily Rituals and Practical Techniques:
Hayo’u offers four daily self-treatments using techniques and tools that are most effective in protecting the body from stress: Gua Sha self-massage, Qi Gong and conscious cleansing. These one-minute rituals result in radiant, younger looking skin, significantly reduce body tension and aid better sleep. They can be practiced separately or as a whole throughout the day for maximum benefit.

Beauty Restorer ritual – The Beauty Restorer is a facial massage tool. Use this cooling Jade stone alongside a simple Chinese self-care technique called Gua Sha to rejuvenate the skin. Daily use will improve microcirculation by 400 per cent, support collagen production to reduce wrinkles and aid lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

Body Restorer ritual – The best way to handle stress is to clear it every day. Removing stress regularly, means it can’t build up and risk making you ill. The Body Restorer is an incredible tool for drawing stress out of the body, using one of the most basic and effective techniques in Chinese medicine, Gua sha.

Rescue breath ritual – Deep abdominal breathing is the most immediate defence against stress. Chinese medicine takes this to a whole new level and teaches you how the ‘smile’ deep in the energetic centre of the body is drawn out by a rescue breath. In just one-minute, the Rescue breath ritual disperses the negative emotional impact of stress and can create a deeply restorative meditative state.

Reset ritual – When someone is stressed, blood flow is diverted from the gut and skin to the skeletal muscles, in preparation for “fight or flight”. This automatic reaction disrupts the flow of circulation around the body making one feel at first anxious and then often tired and lethargic. Based on the healing benefits of Qi Gong, a Chinese martial art, the Reset ritual invigorates circulation, releases stored tension, loosens the spine and stimulates your digestive function.

Conscious cleansing – Wherever possible, use your daily shower or bath as a chance to extend the Rescue breath ritual and deepen the benefit. The de-stress Bath and Shower Minerals contain a concentrated formula of Himalayan pink salt, magnesium and maris sal to help draw out deeply held tension. Relaxing the muscles immediately engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which switches our bodies and brains into rest phase.

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