Get Into Your Best Ever Shape this Summer with Original FX Mayr Balance Programme

In order to get your body in its best possible shape this summer, The Original FX Mayr has launched Mayr Body Balance.

The programme is available throughout May and June and offers carefully selected, results-driven treatments including fascia massage and anti-cellulite wraps with pressotherapy. This is combined with specialist yoga poses and aqua cycling to help get your body in shape, strengthen connective tissues and help achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Designed to help guests reach their desired weight and maintain it, The FX Mayr cure provides the tools to embrace a healthier lifestyle with the right combination of diet and exercise, kick-starting the metabolism to make guests feel more energetic, lose extra pounds and enjoy an assortment of health benefits to prepare for the Summer months ahead.

Mayr Body Balance is an add-on programme to enhance the effects of the cure.  So during the stay guests will also experience the Mayr Basic programme.  The FX Mayr cure has long been offering a holistic approach to promote better health, regulate stress, cleanse the body, lose weight, relax and reset the body.

Even though a fasting cure, such as the one at The Original FX Mayr, is quite demanding, the positive effects on the body are quite amazing.  This is the beginning of a new health journey. If guests choose to continue on this path, integrating the most important elements into their daily life will have numerous positive effects.  

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