Four Seasons Bali Crystal Bowl Therapy - The perfect end – and beginning – to a blissful spa journey

Have you ever wished you could keep your eyes closed and remain in repose straight after a massage, to come back to Earth slowly and leisurely? Now add the sweet sound of crystal singing bowls, the sensitive touch of expert therapists and the tranquility of a spa villa immersed in a lush river valley…It’s Heaven in the highlands of Ubud.

Renowned for its seven signature Chakra Ceremonies inspired by the ancient philosophy of Niskala (unseen energy), Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan has now raised the vibration with the introduction of sound therapy during each ritual.

The change is subtle yet powerful: The 2-2.5 hour treatments remain as before, but begin and end with your therapist playing a set of pure quartz crystal singing bowls each tuned to 432hz — aligned with the intonation of nature. The pure sound tunes the body and mind to the heart beat of Mother Earth to deepen the healing effect of each ritual.

“Sound is the most subtle of our five senses yet has an enormous effect on energy. It has been scientifically proven to change the structure of cells in water, directly affecting the body’s inner harmony,” said Luisa Anderson, Regional Spa Director for Four Seasons Resorts Asia-Pacific. “We have introduced sound healing to our Chakra Ceremonies to create a soothing, calming environment for guests to let go and allow themselves to fully relax. Afterwards, the sweet and pure sound gently brings guests back to the present while allowing them to savour the moment and sensitivity of their experience.”

Each Chakra Ceremony targets one of the seven main ‘wheels’ along our spinal column which govern the flow of physical, emotional and spiritual energies to and from the world around us. The Muladhara balances the ‘root’ chakra in the base of the spine and is recommended for frequent travellers and those going through significant change or disharmony. It combines a Balinese kemenyan smoke ceremony with a deep slow massage using locally grown ginger and cinnamon, blended with vetivert, patchouli and jatamansi oils. Couples discover renewed positivity and equilibrium with the Anahata ceremony which targets the heart chakra as the centre of compassion, forgiveness and generosity. This rose-based ritual begins with a blissfully nurturing ila Himalayan salt scrub followed by a rose oil massage and focused heart work. The Swadisthana targets the sacral ‘self-development’ chakra; the Manipura the navel as the centre of ‘inner strength’; the Vishudda the ‘truth’ chakra in the throat; the Ajna the third eye for ‘perception’; and the Sahasrara the crown chakra of ‘enlightenment’ and self-purpose.

Luisa, a certified sound healing practitioner, personally trained the Balinese therapists at Sacred River Spa. She has also launched treatments using crystal singing bowls at the Heart of the Earth Spa at Four Seasons’ newest property in Asia, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam.

Immersed in lush jungle greenery in the Ayung River valley, Sacred River Spa is one of two awardwinning Four Seasons spas in Bali that explore the intertwined philosophies of Sekala (the seen or physical world) and Niskala (the unseen or spiritual world). Together, they illustrate the Balinese belief in the connection between the outer and inner worlds; the experiential and the meditative; the body and soul. With the emphasis on the flow from Niskala to Sekala (the unseen to the seen), Sacred River Spa at Sayan focuses on restoring balance and harmony to the body’s key energy centres. With the flow reversed from Sekala to Niskala (the seen to the unseen) and inspired by its beachside setting, the Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay focuses on restoring the physical body in order to facilitate exploration of the inner self.