Discover Yang Sheng - a more sustainable solution to wellbeing through self care

It’s a commonly cited statistic than only 8% of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions, with 80% having failed by February. As most resolutions relate in some way to improving one’s wellbeing, those in search of a longer term solution to better health, could embrace a more sustainable ‘self-care’ approach.

This is where Yang Sheng and the Hayo’u Method comes in. It is a central aspect of Chinese Medicine which means self-care or ‘to nurture life’. The key to successful Yang Sheng is to implement small measures that are simple, pleasurable and fit effortlessly into your daily life. Think about how daily teeth-brushing has become a habit for most of us. Yang Sheng offers a similar, easy approach focusing on wider health benefits.

Chinese practitioner and founder of the Hayo’u Method, Katie Brindle, is an expert in Yang Sheng. Through the Hayo’u Method, Katie has simplified the effective, self-care aspects of Chinese Medicine into a series of quick, daily rituals, from shaking and drumming to practising ‘Gua sha’ on the body and face. Whether your goal is to lose weight, sleep better or reduce stress, these simple rituals can have a significant impact.

Katie explains, “Forget detoxes and diets that are impossible to stick to and make some small changes which can be implemented immediately. The beauty of Yang Sheng is in the simplicity of the method and it takes between just one and five minutes a day.”

So, if your New Year’s resolutions have already failed, consider a different approach and treat the Chinese New Year on 16 February as a second chance. For easy-to- follow- videos of the rituals and to download a free six-point guide, visit the Hayo’u Method website.

For more information visit, where there’s further advice around specific health concerns, such as boosting your immunity in winter, dealing with daytime fatigue and managing anxiety.