Denise Leicester launches Soul Medicine - Vibrational remedies proven by science

Music’s ability to heal has been recognised since the Ancients. Soul Medicine is a collection of heartfelt tracks based on 432Hz tuning that has been shown clinically to decrease stress, boost resilience and restore our biological makeup.  432Hz can be called the ‘beat’ of our planet and its sounds therefore embody the frequency of harmony.
Hearing sound is one of our primal senses – the first developed in the womb and the last lost when we die.  Sound can relax, alert, soothe, inform and transport us.  Building on this understanding, Denise Leicester created Soul Medicine, in collaboration with composer Tom Simenauer, to promote wellbeing and cellular balance simply by listening.
Founder of the ‘beyond organic’ spa brand ila, Denise’s voice and music have been central to her development of award-winning treatments for over a decade.  

Seeing the healing elements of sound and vibration with her clients, she researched the impact of particular music and sounds with Dr Lesley ParkinsonDr Zulia Frost has collated the results of clinically-controlled studies that demonstrated:

  • active immune responses with increased white blood cell activity, indicating a positive physical response to stress and improved red blood cells circulation and therefore oxygenation;
  • measurable improvements in cellular stress in specific organs optimising function;
  • improved ability to adapt to stress, measured using changes in heart rate variability; and
  • increased positive brave wave (i.e. delta, alpha, theta and low beta) activity associated with deep relaxation, healing, dreaminess, auto immune improvement and neuro-endocrine function.  

Soul Medicine launches with four tracks each with a clear explanation of their intended benefits.  Easy to download, listeners can match their needs with the appropriate vibrational remedy.  
Being Held is recommended for deep relaxation and to aid sleep.  It is also prescribed to help through a period of grief or for those who have experienced trauma.   
Being Present is prescribed during a period of illness and to help build resilience.  
Being Loved awakens loving qualities such as patience, kindness, truth, healing, sweetness, forgiveness and vulnerability, focusing (as does Being Lifted) on the Sanskrit sound ‘ma’, the healing syllable known as the Hridyaya.  

Being Lifted is prescribed to lift mood especially at times of hormonal change. 
Denise has created two exquisite mists to enhance the listening experience. Inner Calm, a vetiver meditation mist and Inner Smile, a jasmine meditation mist make a perfect gift when paired with the vibrational tracks.
The music remedies are £6 per track and £20 for the album, which is being launched with the mists exclusively with Victoria Health.  The mists start from £32 and gift bundles will be available.