Capture the dramatic beauty of the Scottish Highlands with Max Milligan on a new Photographic Retreat

March 2017.  Alladale Wilderness Reserve has introduced a new photography retreat, led by acclaimed author and fine art photographer, Max Milligan, to appeal to photographers of all levels who wish to capture one of the most dramatic, remote and breathtaking landscapes in Britain.

Taking place in September, guests will spend 3 days immersed in the glens of Alladale encompassed within mountainous ridges, lochs and roaring waterfalls; salmon leaps, red squirrel and majestic red deer will inspire plenty of photographic opportunities – whilst staying in the comfort of the well appointed traditional Highlands Lodge, with exclusive use to all the facilities, such as sauna, gym and billiard room. 

Scottish born Max Milligan has built this retreat around his bestselling book ‘The Soul of Scotland’ which features Alladale thanks to the incredible diversity of its location, where over 750,000 native species trees have been planted and with it being the only spot in Scotland from which one can see both coasts. The September workshop will cover all kinds of subject matter: landscape, wildlife, portrait and abstractions.

With 25 years of experience, his unstoppable energy and sense of humour, Max will:

Go through each guest’s portfolio and shots taken during the course, give tips on improvements and highlight the best elements of their work

Discuss composition, lighting and lens choice, with examples of problems overcome in every type of light – from the harshness of the middle of the day to exposures by full moonlight

Share his knowledge of exhibiting and publishing for those who wish to explore these aspects of the industry
On speaking about the retreat, Max says, “Alladale is a favourite Scottish location for me because at the end of a hard day’s photography in true remote wilderness, one can steam in a hot sauna, collapse on a comfy sofa in front of a roaring fire, have a game of billiards or just take one of the myriad of photographic books from the library up to an extremely comfortable crisp linen bed…”

The 3-night retreat runs from 18-21st September and 21-24th September 2017. Prices are from £995 per person mid week (Monday to Thursday; 25 % single room supplement) and from £1190 per person staying over the weekend (Thursday to Sunday; 25 % single room supplement).

What’s included:

3 nights stay, fully catered
guided walks in wilderness
revision of portfolio
one to one hour long tuition with Max – talks and lectures