Yang Sheng - The art of Chinese self-healing by Katie Brindle

Hardie Grant Books, 18th April 2019, £15, Hardback & Ebook

‘A drop of prevention is better than a bucketload of cure.’ Ancient Chinese proverb

Yang Sheng may be the most important concept in Chinese medicine you’ve never heard of. It directly translates as ‘nourish life’ and is a self-healing system of simple treatments that puts you in the driving seat of your health. Based on a holistic and sophisticated understanding of how we function, the profound techniques of this ancient method will nurture your body, mind and spirit.

In YANG SHENG: The Art of Chinese Self-Healing, practitioner of Chinese medicine Katie Brindle will help you discover new and effective habits to introduce to your daily routine that are easy to learn and quick to do.

Separated into three sections, your understanding of Yang Sheng begins with a simple introduction to this aspect of Chinese medicine. The second section offers self-healing rituals for specific areas you may wish to focus on, including sleep, skin, digestion and your emotions. Finally, Katie will teach you how to thrive with the seasons and how to support your body and well-being during the warm and cold months.

Perfect for the challenges of modern life, you’ll find techniques that will help you become proactive about your health maintenance – being preventative rather than treatment-focused – so you can lead a calmer and more balanced life.

About the Author

Katie Brindle is a UK born Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of the Hayo’u Method, which offers a range of rituals, products and tools. She specialises in offering a combination of detailed diagnosis and self-treatment plans drawing upon Classical Chinese Medicine.

After a car accident that ended her dreams of becoming an opera singer, followed by multiple complications, Katie used yang sheng to solve her own health issues. She is now committed to increasing awareness of this remarkable system of self- healing and encouraging people to master their own health.

Katie has been working in Chinese medicine since 2002. Alongside practising massage and reflexology, she studied TCM and qualified as a Five Elements Chinese medical practitioner, graduating from the UK’s Integrated College of Chinese Medicine.

A strong advocate of Western and Chinese medicine working together to create a healthier, happier society, Katie has been featured widely in the UK press and regularly appears in the media.

Katie lives with her family in Somerset

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