Transformational Malabar Retreats roll out in Europe

Malabar Retreats announces new retreats in Spain and Portugal for 2020, as an extension to their current Mozambique and Zimbabwe retreats.

Intensely transformational, these retreats are designed to promote health and happiness and prevent illness. Based around the ancient practice of Lu Jong developed by Tibetan monks, rooted in Tibetan medicine and based on  a combination of shamanic Bon traditions and Tantrayana, guests learn between 5 and 21 slow, deliberate, deeply effective movements that remove energy blockages and balance the 5 elements in the body and mind.   Combined with deep, mindful breathing, it is a meditation in motion and together with the exceptional bodywork treatments offered, results can be felt immediately. 

These retreats are perfect for anyone looking to take up a new lifelong practice or simply take time out to reconnect the body and mind or unblock energetic pathways. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities, guests can take home a fully comprehensive practice, for mind and body, requiring just 15 minutes a day.

Each retreat is set in a beautiful and serene environment, offering an extraordinary immersion in nature or cloistered seclusion for a deeper experience.  Click here for their upcoming 2020 Retreats.

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