The Good Spa Guide’s Actively Mindful Spas

With Mental Health Awareness Week taking place from the 13 – 19 May, The Good Spa Guide has identified the best UK spas for helping to restore the mind, be present and reconnect within.
Most of us suffer from at least a certain degree of stress, have niggling worries or feel anxious from time to time. The good news is that there’s a range of spas with the capacity to help manage these symptoms, as well as giving guests the tools to achieve a greater sense of calm and mental wellbeing.

Getting active and raising your heart rate might sound counter-intuitive to achieving calm when visiting a spa. But we know that physical activity can help people with anxiety and depression, as well as improving self-esteem and providing an overall sense of well-being.

With this in mind, the Good Spa Guide has handpicked these luxury spa experiences, from dedicated mindfulness and sleep retreats, to bespoke active mental health programmes; there’s a spa programme to suit all and help kick start and maintain a mindfulness practice.

Champneys spas excel in health and fitness. You can hire bikes, enjoy racquet sports, run through the woods and stroll through the gardens as part of your stay. At Champneys Henlow, Hatha yoga classes are followed by a mind-expanding meditation session, while personal trainers are on hand in the gym. Guests can also book a mindfulness retreat and set intentions to make bigger lifestyle changes.
This spa is a great choice for its expansive range of yoga and Pilates classes. Studies show that yoga can ease symptoms of depression due to the combination of exercise and meditation as well as breathing exercises. Pilates strengthens muscles as well as improving flexibility, balance and coordination.

Set on a stunning 20,000-acre estate, the spa is a relaxing space with a Wellness Suite for complementary therapies and one-to-one yoga and Pilates sessions. Guests can work out in the lap pool (all pools are heated with a carbon neutral wood chip boiler), or head outdoors for running, mountain biking or horse-riding. There’s a gym and exercise studio, plus a body-work room for one-to-one mindful movement practise and personal training.