Something from the Bar? 3 temping cocktails from The Alpina Gstaad

Enjoy a pre-trip taster, with this selection of cocktails from the Alpina Lounge & Bar:

Hattori Hanzo (inspired by art)

  • 40 ml Sake
  • 20ml Apple Juice
  • 20ml JC Peach (peach juice)
  • Touch of rose syrup

Method: Shake in a mixing glass and serve in a shot glass

Green Booster (for wellbeing)

  • 2 handfuls fresh spinach
  • ½ Fresh avocado
  • Small amount of green tea
  • 25cl Organic apple juices

Method: Blend the spinach and avocado with the green tea to obtain a thick, creamy mixture. Pour into a glass with the apple juice and serve with ice.

The Oscar One (non alcoholic)

  • 20g Berries (any)
  • 10cl Passion fruit juice
  • 10cl Cranberry Juice
  • 10cl Pineapple Juice

Method: Muddle the berries (approx. three of each) in a shaker. Add the juices in equal part then shake and pour over crushed ice.