Six Simple Ways to Fast at Home with Original FX Mayr

By observing a day of fasting, you will save a substantial number of calories and ease the strain on your digestive system. Abstaining from eating for just 16 hours activates all the positive effects of fasting. There are a lot of ways to fast and most of them are easy to incorporate once a week into your daily routine. The Original FX Mayr team explains the six different ways of fasting to try this Lent.

Dinner cancelling is one of the easiest and most popular forms of fasting. This is because those who periodically abstain from eating solid food after 5.00 pm don’t just keep their weight in check, but also strengthen their powers of self-healing and slow down the ageing process. Dinner cancelling is also a good method for weight loss, especially as you don’t need to deprive yourself of food every single evening – just twice a week actually delivers very similar results as abstaining every single night.

Intermittent fasting involves changing your daily eating rhythm. So you can only eat over a period of 8 hours and then fast for 16 hours. Depending on your daily routine, if you have your evening meal by 6.00 pm, you can have breakfast from 10.00 am the following morning.

The classic Mayr fasting day does not call for complete abstinence from solid food. The day begins with a breakfast comprising a buckwheat roll topped with a spread, or porridge and natural yoghurt. Lunch consists of a clear vegetable soup, accompanied by a buckwheat roll topped with a spread. An alkaline vegetable bouillon or a cup of tea rounds off the day.

Ideally, 24-hour fasting is kicked off by a simple breakfast followed by a light lunch. You then refrain from eating for a period of 24 hours. Only on the day after that are you allowed to eat a light, hot meal for lunch.

As the name suggests, tea fasting does not allow for any solid foods to be consumed over 24 hours. Lots of unsweetened herbal tea should be sipped slowly over the course of the day. To break things up a bit, a bowl of vegetable bouillon can be taken in place of lunch and dinner.

Over the course of a day, you confine yourself to puréed food and/or beverages, thus easing the strain on the digestive system. An example day could include a smoothie in the morning, a vegetable soup for lunch and an alkaline vegetable bouillon in the evening.

Fasting is much easier with the right recipes. Try Chef Andres from Original FX Mayr’s delicious carrot soup. A touch of ginger gives it a pleasant kick and stimulates the digestive system.


  • 400g carrots
  • 100g sweet potatoes
  • 800-1000ml vegetable bouillon
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • ½ tsp ginger, finely grated
  • 1 organic orange
  • 1 pinch of salt


  • Peel the carrots and sweet potatoes, dice and cook in the vegetable bouillon until soft.
  • As soon as the vegetables are tender, add the coconut milk and ginger, then purée.
  • Season to taste with orange juice, orange zest and salt.