SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute Appoints indigoeight

Conscious-living Pioneer OCTAVE Institute Unveils SANGHA Retreat, an immersive holistic community connecting eastern wisdom with western science

indigoeight announces its appointment to represent SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute in the UK as part of an international communications and brand taskforce.

Inspired by the Sanskrit word for “community,” Sangha Retreat is positioned to be a pioneer of conscious living. Well beyond conventional spa and wellness concepts, Sangha Retreat offers a more holistic, life-centred way of being.

Individuals, families and organisations can be hosted in one visionary environment. Guests have the opportunity to seek self-clarity, find harmony, and achieve a new level of consciousness within and beyond their hectic day-to-day lives.

Sangha Retreat is the brainchild of founder Fred Chavalit Tsao. His own inward journey of conscious awakening led him to create a space for societal healing with the intention of fostering harmonious communities. It is significant that Fred selected China to be the location of the first Sangha retreat. He is dedicated to building on the increased connectedness between Western science and traditional Eastern philosophies.  

Fred has collaborated with his brother, renowned architect Calvin Tsao of New York-based Tsao & McKown, to implement his vision of Sangha Retreat. The understated design of the retreat aims to reconnect guests to themselves and to nature, enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

Situated on a serene peninsula, thirty minutes from downtown Suzhou and ninety minutes west of Shanghai, Sangha Retreat is divided into three areas across the striking 47-acres. AT ONE comprises the retreat’s clinic, healing spa and guest suites offering traditional Chinese and Western medical expertise and therapies. The VILLAGE is an interactive learning community and event space.  SANGHA VILLAS offers 108 private villa waterfront residences.

To tie in with the international launch of Sangha Retreat, Fred’s first book, Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business, will be published this July. In Quantum Leadership, he articulates Sangha Retreat’s ethos as applied to the world of business. Its essence is to explain the power of creativity that can be reborn when people achieve self-actualisation. By unleashing this creativity, individuals, communities and businesses can begin to solve today’s problems and challenges in a truly sustainable way.

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