Nature, Healing & Wisdom Dominate The Alpina Gstaad’s New Wellness Programmes For Winter 2018 - 2019

As The Alpina Gstaad celebrates its seventh winter season on 7 December 2018, The Six Senses Spa at The Alpina Gstaad is delighted to introduce a number of holistic wellness programmes in conjunction with Gstaad’s “come up slow down” philosophy to address everyday concerns both emotional and physical. These include: a unique Light and Sound Healing programme; a core muscle focused “East meets West” retreat; and a special Alpine relaxation focused programme.
Light and Sound Healing – Three Night Programme
A transformative three-night programme that balances both the physical and emotional state by removing blockages through deep vibrations. Guests will bathe in the sounds and vibrations of a gong, singing bowls and crystal tuning forks before a balancing therapy in the Spa’s specially designed colour room. During the treatment, the guest’s dominant and complementary colour will be identified and applied to restore energy and harmonise the body. The programme also includes a cleansing rose petal and garnet body scrub, an ila Kundalini back massage to balance the nervous system, as well as Tibetan yoga with a nine cycle breathing purification practice to cleanse the three main channels associated with colours and emotions. 
This three night package starts from CHF 3,345pp in a Deluxe Room Schönried, on single-occupancy.
East Meets West – Four Night Programme
This four night programme combines Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge with a specific focus on the core muscles to improve balance and stability. Conscious breathing and functional movement together with calming and detoxifying treatments help release tension and enhance each guest’s body awareness. The programme includes Pilates breathing and core exercise, Yoga breathing, a Manipura body treatment, Thai massage and a belly detox massage, yoga core and Shiatsu.
The programme starts from CHF 4,710pp in a Deluxe Room, on single-occupancy.
Alpine Relaxation with a view – Five Night programme 
A five-night programme that connects guests with nature through a combination of alpine walking meditations, alpine hikes to the glacier, morning outdoor yoga with sun salutations and Qi Gong and Krauna Kaya practices. To complement these outdoor activities, guests will experience facial and body treatments to nourish the skin, restore the body’s natural bio-rhythms, release tension and soothe tired muscles. In addition, personal training and yoga classes will help keep guests moving during their stay. This five night package starts from CHF 8,060pp in a Deluxe Room, on single -occupancy.
In addition, The Six Senses Spa at The Alpina Gstaad will continue to offer its signature programmes, which include:
Integrated Wellness Programme – The signature three night Six Senses Integrated Wellness* programme brings together the latest technology and in-house expertise to create personalised wellness programmes. Guests are able to improve wellbeing and enhance their lives through nutrition, sleep, yoga, movement, meditation, mindfulness and more.
Prices start at CHF 3,633pp in a Deluxe Room based on single occupancy and include a wellness screening, a personal fitness activity, an 80 minute spa treatment and an optional group class. 
Energy Healing Retreat – This four-night spiritual energy healing retreat restores vitality and boosts energy levels, while also improving mental clarity. The retreat uses a variety of methods to achieve its aims including Reiki to relieve stress, Universal White Time Healing sessions to achieve balance and heal the chakras, Kundalini back treatments to balance the nervous system, as well as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, a signature amethyst wrap and holistic massage.
Prices start from CHF 4,795pp on a single occupancy.
Tibetan Healing Retreat – Available throughout the winter, the four night Tibetan Healing Retreat promises to relieve stress, fatigue and rebalance and rejuvenate using Hor-me therapy that works on the belief that the five elements of earth, fire, water, air and space are the common and fundamental principles of the body. Starting with a personal consultation, also with Tibetan singing bowls, a Ku Nye massage and pulse reading to identify body constitution, a bespoke treatment plan is then created to improve overall health and energy levels. Complementary treatments include meditation, Tibetan yoga breathing, fomentation and massage.
The Tibetan Healing Retreat starts at CHF 4,740pp in a Deluxe Room based on single occupancy including treatments. 

There will also be a special guest retreat on 11 – 17 March 2019 where Tibetan monk and scholar, Lharampa Tenzin Kalden, will introduce Tibetan yoga “Lu Jong” to guests and hold meditation sessions. In the following days, Head Therapist, Antonis Sarris, will continue the programme and introduce guests to the Tibetan Healing retreat.
There are additional Signature Wellness Retreats including The Alpina Gstaad’s 5-day Mountain Detox Programme, with prices starting from CHF 7,830pp in a Deluxe Room Schönried, in single-occupancy on a half board basis, and the four-night Yogic Sleep Retreat starting at CHF 5,040pp.