MasterPeace Launch New Art Kits To Boost Your Mood And Reduce Stress

A new art initiative is delivering positive creativity, directly to your door.  MasterPeace, London’s first mindful art studio, has adapted its business to launch At Home Art Kits. The new kits and virtual classes make it easy to create beautiful works of art, while enjoying the proven mood boosting benefits of getting creative, all from the comfort of home.

Choose from five contemporary art works to paint.  Then MasterPeace will post everything you need, with first class delivery.  Included in the kit is a painter’s palette, handpicked acrylic paints, brushes and a canvas board which has been pre-sketched by a professional artist with your chosen motif. There’s also a photo of the artwork with step by step instructions from the artist.  Each purchase includes a 40 minute virtual class with the original artist for real-time support, or access to pre-recorded tutorials in their mobile app.

MasterPeace opened as a studio and curated art gallery in Ecclestone Yards last autumn, in response to research* that showed a link between creativity, mental-health and wellbeing. Founder Zena El Farra has created the At Home Art Kits and online tutorials as a way to help people cope with the anxiety around Covid-19, and the negative effects of self isolation. 

Zena said, “Research has shown that even a small amount of creativity can sustainably boost our mood, help us cope with stress and even the management of depression. With our new At Home kits we make it easy for people to enjoy some creative respite from home.  We’ve emulated the in-studio experience as much as possible, including expert guidance from professional artists. Each virtual class opens with a short meditation and there’s a strong mindfulness focus throughout.”

Suitable for all levels, from beginners to hobbyists or more competent artists, the At Home kits have already proven popular with those seeking a new creative pastime. The kits make for a lovely gift, which can be delivered to loved ones all over the world. Children can also get involved; ‘Yorkshire Giraffe’ and ‘Throwing Bananas’ by artist Harriet Gillett are suitable for budding creatives as young as six. 

Committed to helping the wider community, MasterPeace has partnered with internationally celebrated portrait artist Elena Gual to launch her art kit ‘Affinity’. It includes a £10 donation to Refuge, a charity protecting women experiencing domestic violence, which is particularly afflicted during these times of isolation at home. 

The MasterPeace At Home Art Kits cost from £25 including P&P. It’s also possible to join an online class without purchasing a kit for £7. For details and to order your At Home kit visit