Greece’s sentient Euphoria Retreat, has pivoted its business to offer an inspiring and free five week virtual retreat, launching on Monday 27 April.  

EUPHORIA HEALING JOURNEY (THROUGH THE 5 ELEMENTS) is an immersive virtual retreat based on their own Euphoria Methodos, rooted in Greek philosophy and mythology. This retreat allows you to experience a different element each week via a series of the most healing, grounding, inspiring and uplifting wellness practices and activities.  You can dip in and dip out as much as you wish. 

Providing a unique programme designed to help you understand specific organs and their emotions, participants will have access to content designed to bring real impact and value to their lives. On Tuesdays and Fridays at 16.00 (GMT+1), Marina Efraimoglou, founder of Euphoria Retreat, and Euphoria’s spiritual mentor, Mary Vandorou, will guide you through a 45 minute webinar session on Zoom. This includes a talk about the energy and characteristics of each element (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) and a meditation.  The sessions are open to anyone, but will require registration via 

Marina Efraimolgou says, “We aim to recreate the qualities of Euphoria, by providing you with the tools and guidance of the Euphoria Methodos that are offered during our physical retreats. We have based our virtual retreat on Euphoria’s signature retreat ‘Emotional and Physical Transformation.’ Participants can join us for just one day, or explore one element throughout the week, or sign up for the full five weeks to discover the power of all the elements  (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal).

In addition to the two weekly webinars, there will be a full schedule each week using various tools to explore and practice each element.  These will be accessed via Instagram and Facebook to provide support and inspiration. Full details of the schedule are below.

Euphoria Methodos
Has its roots in the understanding that all aspects of being human are related in a ‘holistic’ way. Our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intrinsically linked. One of the most important pillars of the Euphoria Methodos is the Theory of the Five Elements. It is a framework for understanding our internal energy constitution according to the various characteristics encapsulated in the five main elements in nature: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. It also applies to our personality type, behavioural patterns and the choices we make, offering an effective solution where balance is the foundation for healing our whole self.

The webinars will contain the Greek philosophical and mythology element to provide inspiration and knowledge. Discussions will cover the archetypes based on Greek mythology and culture, especially during the emotional and spiritual sessions.


Online Retreat Schedule
Day by Day:

  • Mondays – video greeting by Marina or Mary to set the intention of the week ahead and summarise learnings from the previous week
  • Tuesdays – we will address the physical aspect of each element in the webinar, discussing the organs, meridian, and special acupuncture points related to the element. The meditation will be based on Taoist principles, aiming at detoxing the organs, balancing the energy, and increasing vitality and our immune system.
  • Wednesdays – we will be doing energy exercises and Qigon
  • Thursdays – we will go deeper through pranayama and yoga asanas
  • Fridays – we will work on the emotional and spiritual aspect of each element in the webinar. During our meditation, we will help transform the energy of lower frequency emotions into middle frequency emotions,  opening the energy paths  to receive spiritual guidance from each element.
  • Saturdays – we will use theta healing downloads to help install the positive qualities of each element

Weekly by Element:
Each of the Five Elements relates to different organs, behavioural traits and emotions, and offers a system for physical, emotional and energetic healing.

  • Week 1 – Water Element is related, on a physical level, to our kidney and bladder. Through studying this element, we aim at helping you transform emotions of fear, and shock into patience, calmness and wisdom, at reminding you to continue dreaming, even at times like these. On another level, this element is also associated with our vitality and our connection with our roots.
  • Week 2 – Wood Element related to our liver and gall-bladder; we strive at transforming the anger and frustration we experience into kindness and generosity. The element of Wood, on an energetic level, is related to growth, strategic planning, and creativity.
  • Week 3 – we will explore the Fire Element, which is related to our liver and gall-bladder; we strive at transforming the anger and frustration we experience into kindness and generosity. During this week, through working on the orgasmic, sensual, ‘here and now’ energy of the fire element, we will guide you in transforming emotions of hate and cruelty, into gratitude, love, passion, forgiveness and joy.
  • Week 4 – the element of Earth will be explored through exercises targeting our spleen, pancreas, and stomach – the body organs associated with this element – we will help you connect with the ‘mother earth’ energy of the element, and grow away from feelings of stress, guilt and habits of overthinking, and evolve closer to your personal balance and stability.
  • Week 5 – the final seminar and discussion is on the Metal Element, connected physically to our lungs, large intestine. The energy of ‘letting go’ associated with this element will aid us in transforming  feelings of melancholy, grief, and sadness into acceptance, beauty, and divine providence, , enriching our trust on the idea of a higher justice, and helping us find the good in difficult times.

Award-winning Euphoria Retreat is a leading holistic destination spa, set in the heart of the Greek Peloponnese.  For more details, visit and @euphoriaretreat on Instagram.