Hot New Opening in the South West, Summer 2020: TEALS - A Celebration of Somerset Goodness

The British public is predicted to favour domestic travel once we’re on the move again. And the South West is likely to be more popular than ever. Scheduled to open in August, TEALS will offer holiday makers and locals a surprising and very special destination to stop off on the A303.

TEALS is a brand new roadside destination store in Somerset, powered by renewable energy. Celebrating the region’s very best producers, the new facility will comprise a colourful food market packed with sustainably sourced products from local suppliers. Visitors can discover fresh meats from nearby hills and locally churned cheeses (the country’s 3 top cheddar makers are within 5 miles). There will also be a bakery and a bottle store selling wine and local cider.

This is the first part of a phased opening for TEALS, whose spacious internal layout enables shoppers to easily comply with social distancing measures. When it opens fully later in the summer, it will add a healthy kitchen serving tasty plates from across the region, kids play area and a gift store. With electric car charging points, TEALS will also be the first low plastic, fuel-free services on the route.

With a strong green ethos and built beside a beautiful apple orchard, TEALS minimises waste, uses a mix of sustainably grown and reclaimed timber and has planted trees to offset the build. It is also pending B Corp status.

Co-founder Nick Sinfield says, “We feel a responsibility to open up a window to the region, to be ambassadors for brilliant local producers, operate purposefully and look after our guests like they are friends of friends. TEALS is our platform on which to promote amazing things created by brilliant people we love to celebrate.”

Situated halfway between London and Cornwall – at the North/South Cadbury junction – TEALS will prove popular for those travelling between the two regions, as well as the local community. Plans for a series of similar roadside venues at busy locations across the UK are already underway.

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