Don’t drop out of your fitness regime before you’ve even got started – book a MY:METHOD class and you won’t need to leave your home

If you haven’t started your New Year fitness regime, don’t despair. Statistics show that many people will have given up before the end of January.  If you’re unsure what to do or lacking motivation, make it easy and book a workout session with MY:METHOD. These specialists in on-demand Pilates and yoga classes will come to your office or your home.
According to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, there are 10 reasons why we abandon our exercise regimes – any of these sound familiar?

  • Do not have enough time to exercise
  • Find it inconvenient to exercise
  • Lack self-motivation
  • Do not find exercise enjoyable
  • Find exercise boring
  • Lack confidence in their ability to be physically active (low self-efficacy)
  • Fear being injured or have been injured recently
  • Lack self-management skills, such as the ability to set personal goals, monitor progress, or reward progress toward such goals
  • Lack encouragement, support, or companionship from family and friends, and
  • Do not have parks, sidewalks, bicycle trails, or safe and pleasant walking paths convenient to their homes or offices. 

MY:METHOD, promises to remove many of these frustrations or challenges for those wanting to make a real commitment to their health and fitness in 2019.
As Joseph Pilates’ has been famously quoted, “In 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, and in 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”
As a special January promotion, you get £30 off your first MY:METHOD session, making it £60 (down from £90), so book quickly through

Alix Waterhouse, Founder and CEO says, “Busy lives shouldn’t stand in the way of achieving your fitness goals at any time of year. MY:METHOD teachers are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of Pilates and yoga as conveniently as possible, straight to your door throughout the year.”