Boost your weight loss at Original FX Mayr

Losing a substantial amount of weight is a glorious fallout of the FX Mayr cure.  But NEW for 2019, to further help those specifically wanting to lose weight, they are now offering Mitochondria Therapy.  The treatment can help boost the metabolism and break down fat deposits and is especially effective if taken during the cure.  

What are Mitochondria?
Mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells. Healthy and young mitochondria ensure that we live our life with energy. But if you feel weary and exhausted it suggests that your mitochondria aren’t working properly. Special cell training (breathing therapy) enables us to increase the number of intact mitochondria and so to improve the supply of energy to the cells.

Boosting metabolism and breaking down fat deposits
Mitochondrial therapy helps you to lose weight.  The treatment uses oxygen to activate the “power stations” in your cells. This strengthens the immune system, improves your sense of wellbeing, boosts your metabolism and encourages fat-burning.
How efficient is your metabolism?
Before embarking upon supportive mitochondrial therapy, the FX Mayr therapist compiles your very own, unique basal metabolic profile; this is a component of metabolic analysis. Valuable markers that are used to help us in this process are your breath and the combustion residues therein. These markers provide information about the efficiency of your metabolism and how much oxygen is able to reach your cells.
What we are aiming for: a regular metabolism
Fundamentally, metabolism is nothing but the conversion of nutrients and oxygen into vital energy. Any residues that are left over are re-transported out of the body via respiration. The most important nutrient sources that the body can tap into for this process to occur are carbohydrates (and/or sugar) and fat. Thus, to lose weight, a regular metabolism must be achieved so that the body draws energy primarily from its fat reserves (and not from the muscle mass, which causes muscle loss) and less so from carbohydrates in the diet. This is the process that is desired to support by administering mitochondria therapy.
Oxygen: a key element in mitochondria therapy
The basic principle of mitochondria therapy is also often leveraged is sport. For years now, top athletes have sought to improve their performance with high altitude training, deliberately depriving their bodies of oxygenated air. The body’s cells respond quickly, activating the self-healing processes and start up the fat-burning engine. You don’t necessarily need to make a trip to the mountains to do this. Calorie consumption is boosted and the appetite curbed just by breathing in air usually encountered at high altitudes, or oxygen-depleted air, in a controlled manner.
Mitochondria therapy is now offered at the Original FX Mayr
Clients taking mitochondria therapy at the Original FX Mayr, simply have to recline comfortably and breathe through a breathing mask. Based upon your personal basal metabolic profile, the therapist adjusts the oxygen contained in your breath and at relevant intervals such that they encourage you to metabolise fat in an optimal manner. Damaged cells are destroyed. The proliferation of young and healthy mitochondria is encouraged. This strengthens the immune system, improves general wellbeing and boosts the metabolism. Ultimately, it becomes easier to lose weight.