Ananda - Celebrating 20 years of Wellbeing with Intensified Programmes and New Treatments

Celebrating 20 years in 2020, Ananda in the Himalayas has consistently offered a serene and spiritual escape, using the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda as respite to rising stress levels. As we enter a new decade, the need for such wellness expertise has never been greater.

New for 2020, the award-winning spa is intensifying its wellness programmes, with a renewed focus on Ayurveda and comprehensive Panchakarma procedures. In response to increasing demand from clients with specific health complaints, the spa is introducing eight new treatments, to add to enhanced physiotherapy services with targeted pain solutions.

Furthermore, the Ayurvedic and lifestyle consultations at Ananda have been improved with comprehensive assessment and diagnostic tools. Moving forward, there will also be a focus on implementing sustainability practices to reduce carbon footprint and improve CSR.

Eight New Treatments
Bookable as part of a customised wellness programme, the eight new Ayurvedic – and one international – massages, have wide-ranging health benefits from improved circulation and better sleep, to reducing inflammation and isolated pain.
BEST FOR:* Relaxation, reducing anxiety and better sleep
Highly specialised Ayurvedic massage, using medicated oil over the entire foot, focusing on all the important nerve points. 45min costs INR 5000 (£54).
BEST FOR:* Physical and mental recuperation
A pressure point treatment that stimulates the 107 marma energy points around the body. Strengthens the organ systems and tissues, relieves physical and mental blockages, improves lymph drainage and improves sleep. 85min costs INR 8000 (£86).
BEST FOR:* Complete spine care and back therapy
Oil pooling, in which warm medicated oil is applied to the spinal area, is followed by a deep massage, rhythmic tapping and second massage using warm poultices. Releases stiffness, lubricates joints to improve flexibility and alleviates back conditions like lumbar spondylitis, intervertebral disc prolapses, lumbago and sciatica. 55min costs INR 7000 (£75).
BEST FOR:* Pain relief
Uses the leaves of medicinal plants mixed with a herbal powder, bundled in a muslin cloth. Following a light massage, the bundles are dipped in warm medicated oil and pressed on the body, to relieve pain from arthritis, spondylosis, musculoskeletal issues and neuro muscular diseases. 55min costs INR 7000 (£75).

BEST FOR:* Relieving neck and shoulder pain
A treatment for the neck and shoulders, involving a reservoir made of black gram or wheat flour placed on the area, and warm medicated oil poured over. This releases tension and stiffness, thereby reducing pain. 30min costs INR 3500 (£38).
BEST FOR:* Reducing stress
Two therapists pour warm medicated milk over the body, keeping a specific height, rhythm and temperature. Best done during the summer months for its cooling effect,  relaxing the central nervous system and reducing stress. 55min costs INR 7000 (£75).
BEST FOR:* Improving circulation and skin health, reducing inflammation
Two therapists pour a medicated decoction over the body keeping a specific height, rhythm and temperature. This improves circulation and skin health, reduces inflammation and works as an antibacterial therapy. 55min costs INR 7000 (£75).
BEST FOR: balancing and energising
Bamboo is known for its healing properties and here, sticks of various sizes provide a deeply soothing massage to stretch and elongate the muscles, loosen the fascia and break down scar tissue. The oil contains rosehip, sunflower and Vitamin E with pure bamboo essential oil known for its silica content (a natural collagen). 85min costs INR 8000 (£86).

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