The Only Wellbeing Programme You Need Right Now

July 2020: If you’re missing personal facetime with health experts, the new Ananda Wellness Bliss programme brings many benefits of visiting the award-winning spa directly to you (at a fraction of the cost). Inclusive of one-to-one Ayurvedic and Yoga consultations and assessments, as well as private yoga and meditation sessions, it’s a fully integrated approach to optimal health.

Summer News Stories

June 2020: The people & places we support have never felt more relevant, inspiring & innovative. Like the next epoch, they’re all about protecting and regenerating both ourselves and our planet.

Good Spa Guide Survey shows UK consumers can't wait to spa

June 2020 - UK consumers are counting the days until spas reopen, according to the results of a new survey. Many might expect COVID-19 to have knocked confidence in the industry, but the desire for a stress-busting massage seems stronger than ever – with men leading the charge to the treatment tables. But when they do return, things will look quite different

5 Easy Lifestyle Upgrades to Build Immunity From The Original FX Mayr

June 2020: The gut is eight metres packed full of immune defences. The intestines are where viruses and bacteria are identified, antibodies formed, pathogens eliminated and then transported out of the body. So, even more than ever, there is good reason to pay close attention to our gut health. Experts from Original FX Mayr have prepared 5 easy lifestyle upgrades to build immunity.

DETOXIFING SCRUB Alchemy Bar recipe - The Alpina Gstaad Six Senses Spa

June 2020: Exfoliation with a body scrub can help boost the health and appearance of your skin in several ways. In particular, sea salt scrub draws out toxins and can help to relieve sore muscles.

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