5 Easy Lifestyle Upgrades to Build Immunity From The Original FX Mayr

The gut is eight metres packed full of immune defences. The intestines are where viruses and bacteria are identified, antibodies formed, pathogens eliminated and then transported out of the body. So, even more than ever, there is good reason to pay close attention to our gut health. Experts from Original FX Mayr have prepared 5 easy lifestyle upgrades to build immunity.

Check your zinc levels
Zinc is one of the trace elements that the body cannot produce itself; it has to be obtained via the diet. If the body lacks the levels of zinc that it needs, this exerts a negative impact on the immune system. Skin, nail and hair disorders are also often attributable to zinc deficiency. Dr Karin Hamböck, Physician at the Original FX Mayr, said: “To prevent zinc deficiency, it is a good idea to assess zinc levels by carrying out a blood test. If your zinc level is low, take 30mg of zinc every night before going to sleep and not right after meals.”

Sip Herbal Teas:
We all know the importance of keeping the body hydrated. Consuming water or unsweetened herbal teas throughout the day helps to keep the mucous membranes supple and eliminate pathogens. Dr Karin Hamböck, Physician at the Original FX Mayr, says: “To strengthen the body’s immune defence, choose teas based on caraway, cardamon, fennel or cinnamon over green tea or peppermint.”

Exercise outside:
When you are outdoors, the body produces vitamin D, a nutrient that is incredibly important for immune defences. A complete win-win. A tip from Nikolai, exercise therapist at the original FX Mayr: “Regular exercise, 3 times a week, boosts the immune system and strengthens the muscles and the cardiovascular system.”

Allow yourself to feel good
Feeling happiness, serenity and harmony all have positive effects on the immune system. In fact, talking time to observe the nature around us, to walk in the fresh air, read a humorous book, watch a funny film and cheerful conversations with our friends and family can strengthen our immune system too. Daniel, exercise therapist at Original FX Mayr says ‘simply allow yourself to feel good. Recharge your batteries whenever you can. Stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself. And if you are finding it hard to relax and allow room for positive thoughts, simply try a guided meditation. Try my soothing 15-minute journey to your inner self here

intermittent Fasting to boost immunity
Periodically abstaining from eating any solid food after 5.00p.m. doesn’t just keep your weight in check, but also strengthens your powers of self-healing and slows down the ageing process. The digestive system is relieved, nutrients can be better absorbed and all this has a positive effect on the immune system and the body’s defences. Dr Karin Hamböck say “I personally recommend intermittent fasting, so fasting for 16 hours and skipping dinner when possible. This form of fasting puts less strain on the mind and body than a more intensive fasting cure and so, in my opinion, is currently the right choice for intestinal health and a strong immune system