ARTY PARTY How to Celebrate (remotely) in lockdown

May 2020: With certain lockdown measures set to continue for the foreseeable future, many are seeking ways to celebrate a birthday, hen-do or other special occasion while in confinement. Since restrictions came into force, MasterPeace, London’s first mindful art studio, has brought creativity into UK homes with the launch of its At Home Art Kits.

Hot New Opening in the South West, Summer 2020: TEALS - A Celebration of Somerset Goodness

May 2020 – The British public is predicted to favour domestic travel once we’re on the move again. And the South West is likely to be more popular than ever. Scheduled to open in July, TEALS will offer holiday makers and locals a surprising and very special destination to stop off on the A303


May 2020: Life is all we have, and all we are. This simple truth has been awakened in all of us, both individually and on a global scale. 2020 is a year which will be remembered in the evolution of mankind. Never has the desire to feel whole, healthy and vibrant risen to the surface of our consciousness so powerfully; never has it become such an instant collective intent. We may each be at a different point on the journey but the preciousness of our planet and our need to protect both it, and ourselves, is set to become a worldwide human endeavour. China has an important role to play in the formation of the future. Progress, growth and wisdom are always born out of the darkest experiences. A portal for change has been created, one which SANGHA Retreat firmly believes should be harnessed for the greater good of mankind.

Laughter Qigong - fake it till you make it

May 2020: This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. So, it feels like the perfect time to delve a little deeper into one of Katie Brindle’s, founder of Hayo’u Method, favourite mind/body exercises – laughter qigong. Aside from being incredibly funny and joyous and the surprise hit of her qigong sessions, it has multiple healing benefits.

Isolation Inspiration with Healing Benefits

May 2020: Studies suggest that Covid-19 has already increased our stress, anxiety and insomnia. Many of us are feeling emotional or depressed, yet nature is flourishing around us. Not knowing when we can travel again, we need to find ways to support our own recovery, which benefit us in lockdown or give us a sense of purpose. 

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